Moving Projects with Contents

There are many reasons why you may want to move a Premiere Pro project:

  • You’re working from your local drive and you want to move it entirely to an external drive
  • You’re working from an external drive and you want to copy it entirely to another external drive
  • You’re done with the project and you want to copy it to another location whilst keeping only the files that you used in the project timelines.

The latter is my main interest for this tutorial. The first two are actually pretty straight forward. Just take the highest folder you’ve got which contains the project and all of the media and copy it to another location. If you store your media and project folders in separate locations, then you’ll just have to copy both to a new folder on the destination drive and most likely have to reconnect media so it looks to the new location for information. Easy job.

The latter, once again, is what interests me, as I often find myself in two minds once I’ve finished a project, or said project needs to be shared with someone else. Do I just keep/send the whole lot, or should I trim the project content down a bit and get Premiere Pro to only keep what has been used in a Sequence? Well, if you want to go with the latter route of keeping only the used files, here’s what you’ve got to do:

Click File – Project Manager (all the way down the bottom)

Then, once the project Manager window has loaded up, you should see something like this:

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 14.05.24Select the Sequences you’ll want kept and deselect those you want to get rid of, such as rough cut sequences etc. Then, tick “Collect Files and Copy to New Location”. Be sure to check “Exclude Unused Clips” if you only want to use the takes that made it into the edited Sequence.

Include Preview files and Audio Conform Files.

I often rename clips to a more usable keyword once I’m past the rough cut stage as I know that I will be using the clips I’ve kept in for the final cut. However I would say it’s always wiser to keep the actual file names as original as possible in case you need to cross reference something, or if a file becomes corrupt and you need to replace it with an original quickly without trying to trudge through hours of footage to find your clip. I would therefore uncheck “Rename Media Files to Match Clip Names”.

Then you just set your path and the Project Manager will calculate how much space is available and how much will be required.

I have copied final cuts over to a fast USB stick so the entire project was run from that little thing on a different computer, and it worked great. Easy, quick, and very little hassle.

Hope this helps!

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