Easy Slow-Mo

In this video, which I made for father’s day as my dad is always asking me how to do this, I run through the quick methods of creating slow motion from your higher frame rate footage in a timeline set to the desired output setting.

In the video I mentioned the calculation to know exactly what speed percentage to use. The equation is very simple, given that we know our footage frame rate, and our sequence frame rate.

Footage x Speed = Timeline, so to find the speed just shuffle this equation up a bit: Timeline / Footage = Speed.

Here are a few more of the calculations to achieve different speeds depending on the footage and sequence settings:

60fps x 0.5 (50%) = 30fps
60fps x 0.4167 (41.67%) = 25fps
60fps x 0.4 (40%) = 24fps
50fps x 0.6 (60%) = 30fps
50fps x 0.5 (50%) = 25fps
50fps x 0.48 (48%) = 24fps

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