169 Unique 4K Light Leaks

Content: 169 Unique 4K Light Leaks
Package contains two compressions. You may pick either or both. (Download times may be considerable for DNxHR versions):
4K (UHD) DNxHR 444 10-bit MOV (75GB)
4K (UHD) H.264 100Mbps MP4 (8.5GB)

This Light Leaks Package contains a whopping 169 unique leaks, all created using a real camera. Half of the leaks are ‘free lensing’ leaks, which are unshaped by glass. These are more like traditional light leaks one might find in old cameras. The other half are ‘lens glares’ obtained by shining different lights through different objects near the lens.

Simply import the clips, and place them over your edit with the blending mode set to “Add” (“Linear Dodge (Add)” in Premiere Pro).

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