3000 YouTube Subscribers

Well, I've passed the 3K threshold. I've now tripled my YouTube audience since March when I first reached 1K! Theoretically it should continue to grow at an exponentially increasing rate, as I upload more content and more people share it. If I'm able to hit 5K before the end of 2016 I'll be a happy [...]

LED Lighting Workshop

I ran a little workshop today for some friends who wanted to know a bit more about controlled lighting. I started with continuous lighting since it's easier to see the effect the angles and height and power of the lights have to the naked eye than with strobes. We used some Lite Panel 1x1LS LED panels. [...]


I recently sent my second copy of the Sigma 85mm f1.4 back as I was still dissatisfied with the amount of misfocus it was getting at closer ranges. I was juggling between the Canon 100mm f2.8L Macro lens and this one for a while, until I saw the bokeh this one produced, and for over [...]