YouTube’s Audio Library, And Why You Need It

People make videos. They edit them, they use their favourite song, they upload them to YouTube, and then YouTube gives a warning that a copyright claim has been made on the video… now rest assured, that the video will remain viewable, however you won’t earn any income from it, and it may not be playable in certain countries. This is because the record label owning the music may not have distributions rights of that variety within a certain country. It sucks.

Now, plenty of people find tracks on sites such as AudioJungle or AudioNetwork that they like, and for a fee (can range from £15 to £300 depending on the intended use) they can use the track in their video, and even earn revenue from the ads played before during or after the video if they have an AdSense account. That’s a great solution if you want to find tracks that are well produced, and that people may not necessarily have used much before, giving you more likelihood of having a unique soundtrack for your video. In some cases you’ll notice that the reason you found that track so awesome is because you’d actually heard it in a toilet paper commercial on TV, so suffice to say shit happens and sometimes you either go with the song that is already largely recognisable or you keep digging til you find another you like.

That’s great if you have a budget, or if the film is being made for a client to whom you can invoice the expense of the music track rights. But what if you’re just making these videos at your own expense and you don’t necessarily want to pay £30 to use a song?

Well, if you’re in the YouTube Partner Program (if not it’s easy to join!), then you have access to a massive library of music tracks which was started in 2013, which are completely free to use. You can monetise your videos meaning you will get the revenue from the ads, and at the very most you might be required to credit the musician who has contributed their music with a tiny spit of text at the end of your video description.

So go and check out the YouTube Audio Library now, and get stuck into some fantastic tunes!

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